Ben Ryder

Hello I'm Ben

Apprentice Developer

I'm an Apprentice Developer and Degree Apprentice. My day to day work is with Drupal and other web technologies. In my spare time I make websites, desktop apps, python games and anything else that catches my interest.

Featured Projects

Pushshift API Wrapper

A Pushshift Reddit API wrapper for use in Node.js. I'm currently in the middle of testing and improving the project ready for an MVP release on my GitHub and npm.


rcl is a simple command line wrapper for rclone focused on easy folder syncing. It is loosely based on git's interface and therefore uses the concepts of "local" and "remote" along with having commands such as pull, push and diff.

Your already familiar with this one! I am planning to write up an article/walkthrough soon on how I created this site with Contentful, Eleventy, and Netlify.

Conqueror of Empires

A turn-based strategy game where up to 4 local players battle to be victorious, by expanding their empires, and controlling units to conquer cities and attack the enemy.

Writing Prompts

A program which randomly picks a writing prompt and displays it.


You are trapped. To escape you must collect all the keys and get to the exit while avoiding all enemy patrols. If they touch you, you're dead.

More Projects

Featured Articles

Uncommon Common Git Operations

A collection of git operations I find myself searching for surprisingly often.

Recursively reading a folder structure in Node.js

A walkthrough and code example of how you can recursively read a folders structure with Node.js.

Should we fear AI?

In a world where computers continue to surpass human ability in more and more areas, are fears towards the rise of AI justified?

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